About me

Hi, I am Bryre!

I am honored to support women on their holistic health and spiritual development journey.

Learning how to digest life on all levels and navigate lifes obstacles through a holistic approach, has been a huge part to play in personal self-development, as a Ayurvedic lifestyle practitioner and Meditation Teacher, I wish to guide people in discovering their own innate healing abilities, through understanding the mind-body connection, sharing the tools and practices that have given me the courage to live a life with greater ease, purpose and fulfillment. 


My mission is to help you remember that you are truly enough. From this place of wholeness you can learn to live with Joy at every stage of your growth. 

 My Head to Heart Life Lessons To Activate Your Healing, Power, Pleasure and Purpose.

The four pillars are the core of my approach to Holistic Life Coaching. It's all about SELF -

Letting go

Begin to clear the body through two guided Ayurvedic cleanses, you feel supported as you restore balance in body and mind.

Feel it to Heal it

Learn and apply Ayurvedic self-care and Spiritual practices that nourish your body from the inside out. New practices turn into healthy habits.


Receive the results since applying regular self-care, you feel at ease knowing you can trust in your body's innate healing intelligence.


You develop a deep trust in your body's ability to create inner peace and outer balance, you're established in self-care practices that allow you to feel at home.

Explore meditation together

Join my free five day meditation challenge.