Frequently asked questions


What’s included in the £39 cleanse?

A week-long Ayurvedic cleanse  is carefully created to improve your digestion, skin and energy levels. It includes recipes and guidance on how to effectively clear your body of toxins. This is not an interactive programme; it is a pre-designed self-guided cleanse. 


What is involved in the webinars?

A guided webinar will feature a specific topic, cover the details and educate on a cleanse/call to action. 


  • 60-90 minute interactions with me via zoom. 

  • Visual workshop featuring presentation.

  • Q&A session 

  • Recording of the workshop. 


What’s the difference between cleanse webinar and  £39 prepaid cleanse? 

The £39 cleanse is recommended for anyone who wishes to do an introductory cleanse or as a starting point to detoxifying your body.  The gentle cleanse is available for anyone who wants to reset their digestion, and improve elimination, energy levels and understand your cravings better.

The cleanse webinar focuses on different types of cleansing to clear toxins out of the body focusing on gallbladder and liver. It’s more of an intense cleanse that requires professional guidance, done at your own risk. This cleanse assists preventing health issues occurring, food intolerances and allergies.


What’s included in the programs?

All programmes are inclusive of: 

  • Intensive Ayurvedic study, learning how to apply Ayurvedic living, self-care, and yoga practice into your lifestyle. 

  • One on one coaching, guided yoga + meditations, self-study work to do each week. 

  • Detox guidance (equipment not included)

  • Whatsapp and email support throughout the program

  • Free access to my weekly women's circle and online platform 


What’s the difference between the 6 and 8-week program?

  • The six-week program is group coaching mainly focused on detoxing the mind-body, through ancient Ayurvedic cleanses and learning spiritual practices, so you can dive deeper into the beginning of your Ayurvedic journey and experience the benefits. 


  • I will be guiding you through two Ayurvedic cleanses to detoxify the liver, which is the organ related to anger, and the root of many di-eases. I will provide you with the tools and techniques so you can become the master of your mind not a slave to its impulses. Through applying spiritual self-care practices, you will begin to be more grounded, stable and an unstoppable force in any area you put your focus on. The aim of the programme is to leave you energised and stable to maintain your practice as well as understand what brings you into and out of balance. 


  • The eight-week program is a deep dive into learning Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra -  all ancient spiritual practices and sciences of energy management. You will learn how to maximise your energy, whilst becoming more calm and stable and which will enable you to carry the confidence of living in alignment, and the ability to share your purpose authentically and with confidence. We will learn how to become of service and how to uncover meaning in your life. 


  • Once we discover and deceive your current limitations that are holding you back, we will feel more empowered to create the life that we want in order to be truly fulfilled and thriving in all areas of life.  Focusing on: health, relationships, family, business resulting in harmony. 


  • The eight-week programme allows us to work longer together, focusing on integration and establishing strong routines and rituals. Upon completion, you will feel fully empowered to apply your knowledge in all aspects and situations in your life. As a result living a life of full alignment, mentally, spiritually, emotionally. You will have all the tools and resources to recognise when and how to bring yourself into balance. Removing any obstacles and unhealthy attachments/patterns holding you back. 


What is a Women's circle?

Women’s circle is a safe space, a weekly opportunity for women to connect together on a specific topic.This is a monthly or three monthly membership, drop-in is also possible. It is an online meet-up with a limited number of spaces every Sunday 5:00-6:00 pm (BALI time)  

Topics featured are all about self-care, self-love, self-healing, connection and empowering other women to shine even brighter.


Where did you study Ayurveda, Yoga, Tantra? What certifications do you hold?

  • American Institute of Vedic studies with David Frawley- 400 hours Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant 

  • 100 - hour TT Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga at the Practice - Yoga Alliance certified 

  • Three Day immersion Ayurvedic Workshop  - The Practice 

  • Studied with my teacher Octavio Salvado for over 3 years at Traditional Tantric Yoga Studio - The Practice Bali 

  • Four desires workshop - Rod Stryker 

  • 250 Hours YYT yoga. teacher training PowerLiving  Yoga Alliance certified

  • 50 Hours Yoga Advanced Assisting with PowerLiving Yoga Alliance certified

  • Meditation Teacher Training with Kings Meditation Australia (ongoing)

  • Mentored by Tanya Boigenzahn - ParaYoga III Certified teachers


Ayurvedic book recommendations

  • Happy, healthy Sexy by Katie Silcox 

  • The Four Desire by Rod Stryker 

  • Eat, feel, fresh - Sarara Rose 

  • Idiots guide to Ayurveda - Sarara Rose 

  • Ayurveda - The Science of Self-healing - Dr Vasant Lad


What are the health risks for detoxing the body?

All recommended holistic practices featured in my programmes and webinars have been used and practiced for thousands of years. I will be guiding you through it  based on my knowledge and experience, however, each detox/cleanse  is done at your own risk and I do recommend consulting with your doctor if you have any pre-existing health issues or are taking medication.