Lead from the Heart 


A 4-month group coaching container for you to unlock your confidence and power so that you can excel in your zone of genius, lead your clients from the heart, and create a wildly abundant business for yourself.

Take The Leap

Specifically created for coaches,Healers Yoga teachers any space holding.

It’s time to truly own and embody your unique super powers.

It’s time to become the most confident, powerful and heart-led version of yourself.

It’s time to love yourself and feel more than good enough so that you and your business can thrive.

Expect deep healing, energetic work, cultivating confidence, support with your business niche, product offering, selling your services and so much more!

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Does this sound familiar?


  • You deeply desire to call in financial abundance to your business, but it’s just not happening in the way you had hoped for yet. 
  • Fear of failure and judgment are holding you back from giving it your all. 
  • You’re ambitious but feel frustrated that things feel “sticky” right now. 
  • You compare yourself to others and feel “less than”. 
  • You know that you have greatness to offer the world, but you get bogged down with not feeling “good enough”. 
  • You know that subconscious beliefs are keeping you stuck and in a lack mindset. 
  • You see other coaches/teachers/space holders seemingly “killing it” online but somewhere buried deep down you don’t think that their level of “success” is possible for you. 
  • You feel alone in your business like it’s you vs. the world and wish that wasn’t the case.

Who is it for?


  • The coach/teacher/space holder who’s ready for deep transformation WITHIN her mind, body and soul.
  • You want deep transformation WITHOUT it having a negative impact on your business and whole entire life. 
  • The woman who’s ready to claim her unique gifts so that she can be loud and proud about them and attract her dream clients with ease. 
  • The business owner who’s so ready to quit playing small and step into bigness.
  • The entrepreneur who’s desiring to sink deeper into her heart-led approach and learn how to truly lead from the heart with integrity. 
  • The woman who knows that she’s here to make a big impact on the world through the work that she does, and be paid well for doing so. 
  • The business owner who’s ready to step into her Higher Self and make waves in her world. 
  • The entrepreneur who’s on her spiritual path of awakening and ready to go another level deeper.
Start your Journey

Are you ready to...

  • Step into your power and confidently share your gifts with the world? 
  • Reprogram your mind so that fear no longer runs the show. 
  • Love yourself from the inside out and feel deeply empowered, seen and rooted in your feminine wisdom?
  • Feel magnetic and confident knowing that people desire your help?
  • Know how to shift your mood and mindset with ease, and have tools that allow you to jump back to stability, intuitive wisdom, joy, and connection?
  • Run your business from a place of ease and feel-good? 
  • Practice your coaching skills with fellow entrepreneurs and get mega confident in what you’ve got to offer?  
  • Use all of the game-changing, powerful and transformational holistic coaching tools, learnings and experiences that you’ll gain during this 4 month journey with your clients and the world? The ripple effect of this journey is powerful AF!
  • Step outside of your comfort zone with a calm nervous system that can handle it? 
  • Gain huge levels of confidence and self-trust? 
  • Create an epic program for your business, and learn how to sell it as the hottest thing around town?
  • Step into your leadership energy and become the person you know you’re here to be? 
  • Cultivate a deeper spiritual connection?
  • Heal intimacy blocks?

And so much more…?

Begin your Journey

Go from...

...not feeling “good enough”
to feeling worthy of all of your dreams.

...not feeling as good as “them”
to feeling like the most qualified person in the world to support YOUR dream clients with their challenges. 

...a default lack mindset
to an abundance mindset on autopilot.

...lacking confidence
to feeling like the powerful queen that you are.

...negative self-talk
to loving up on yourself with beautiful affirmations.

...feeling frustrated and unsuccessful
to feeling in flow and ready to receive success.

...fear of failure and judgment
to being comfortable with being outside of your comfort zone.

...marinating in low frequency
to luxuriating in high vibes.

...a chrysalis
into a beautiful, blossoming butterfly.

Lead From The Heart is a unique and powerful journey

If you’re so ready to believe in yourself and make your dreams a reality, then this is for you.

My vision for you, and all women, is for you to have it all.

All the love, peace, joy, happiness, pleasure and financial abundance. No more compromising. No more settling for less. No more living out of alignment. No more believing it's not possible for you. It’s time to re-write the story you’ve been telling yourself, and in turn transform your reality.

Manifestations, in-coming…


Take the Leap

Change is hard, but there’s nothing more painful than staying the same.

You don’t get what you want in life, you get who you’re BEING

You get to decide today WHO you want to BE, and allow your life to become mirror of that internal commitment.

I know that you're ready to invest in yourself because you know that it’s time to level-up.

It’s my strongest belief that when you invest in your own healing, growth and expansion, your clients do the same. Who you BE when it comes to your growth is mirrored in the results you get in your business.

What blossoms from your commitment to change and grow is a feeling like no other. A deeply  embodied sense of confidence and power that flows in from you taking the leap to rise and lead with integrity. 

A returning home to self. The person you came here to be. The person you’ve always been underneath the fear, worry and “not good enough”.

Get ready to feel a rush of inspiration to share your medicine and gifts with the world. This work is potent. 

Are you ready to get out of your own way and stop telling yourself you're not good enough to call in everything your heart desires?

The transformation you’ll experience during these 4 months is profound.

I’ll be teaching and guiding you to live and lead from love instead of lack. Abundance in replacement of scarcity.

This program is going to help you master your mind and therefore become the master of your life. 

I’ll be teaching you a specific holistic healing methodology that will not only be hugely transformational for yourself, but for your clients, too.

It’s my intention that this powerful work is passed on to other women through the magical work that you do in the world. It’s a unique lineage of work from years of teachings, experience and energetics that I cannot wait to share with you. My very own recipe for creating magic in your inner and outer worlds.

Throughout the program you’ll be integrating everything into your own life, and will be practice-coaching with the women inside the group, building your confidence for when you start sharing these transformative practices with your clients.

You’ll learn to trust your decisions and develop the capacity to discern what is right for you. You know there's more to life, and you know you are here to receive it.

If all of this sounds like a soul yes to you,

you’re in the right place my friend.

Helping you to live your life to the fullest expression is MY zone of genius. Watching as your life expands in love, abundance and success is what MY soul came here to do.

Let’s discover what yours is, shall we?

Start your Journey

The magic  comes from the work you're avoiding...

My most successful launch was when I had just broken up from a 3 and half year relationship. It was hectic! I got sick a few weeks before the launch and I now know that it was definitely “ascension sickness”! I was up-leveling fast! It was just before launching my first successful group coaching program called “Head to Heart”. I had just moved house and started a new relationship - my whole life changed very quickly and I somehow managed to pull myself together and get the shit done in order to create a powerful heartfelt program that would transform the lives of 9 women. 

My life lesson here was that LESS is actually MORE. And this is one of the many methods I’m going to be teaching you. To bring more ease, flow, simplicity, joy, pleasure and spaciousness to your business and the way you sell your programs and other services. 

I’ve created Lead From The Heart to provide you with the exact practices, tools, and teaching principles that have hugely transformed my life, and the lives of my clients. All passed down and embodied from my mentors and business coaching programs that have helped me move the needle in the way I show up as a coach, teacher, partner, and woman. I’m a woman who’s also on her own journey of self-love and healing, and who desires to become the most authentic version of myself so that I can inspire that change within others. 

It’s time to get out of your head and into your heart.

When you lead from the heart it’s when you’re most magnetic. You’ll be opening up the channel to let creativity, abundance and pleasure to flow through to you. 

Most of us, myself included, have a desire to be heard, seen, and loved. This is exactly what Lead From The Heart is giving you - the opportunity, time and space to truly be heard, seen, and loved. So that you know how to in turn give this to your clients from a FULL cup. 

One of the most beautiful opportunities that this program will give you is the opportunity to receive the love, encouragement and support of other women who’ll be reminding you of how powerful you really are. We’ll be mirrors for each other and will remind one another everything you need is already inside of you. 

Reclaim your own personal power

This journey is about going within to find the answers, not seeking them from me or anyone else. It's time to stop giving your power away to people who haven’t been valuing your time and energy. As soon as you begin to value your time and energy, everyone else will too. It’s time to change the way you do business for good. 

Being in expansive containers like this one provides you with a direct feedback loop of how far you have already come in your healing journey, and how far you can go when you have the right framework, teachings, embodiment etc. The pace of this program will be beautiful - not rushed, not hectic, not overwhelming. A divine journey of learning so that you will finish embodying it all. 

You were born to do something extraordinary! You were born to be the leader of an incredible life, not stuck in a conventional life. You have a deep knowing that this is true, and yet fear has been holding you back from taking the leap of faith in yourself.

Learn to alchemize fear, rejection and judgment

What if I told you that it is the very act of resisting fear that is preventing you from moving forward? That not wanting to FEEL fear or uncertainty is what is preventing you from making decisions, trusting yourself and going all in with your purpose.

It’s only when you allow yourself to fully FEEL fear and move through it, welcome it into your heart and surrender to it fully as the feminine surrenders to a lover, that you will truly learn to listen to the inner whispers of your intuition, heal deep wounds and trust yourself fully to make the right decisions in your life.

It's time to make an impact

I know that you no longer want to sell your time for money. A one-off session isn’t likely to change someone's life. A program on the other hand, absolutely can. 

During this program you’ll learn how to create a game-changing program for your unique dream clients.

Start your Journey

You are worthy of having it all

Close your eyes and put your hand to your heart.

Ask yourself: am I ready for all of this? Is it time to welcome this into my life?

  • You are so ready to create abundance for yourself, by simply being you.
  • You are ready to step into the role of leader of your life. There is no one to answer to. No one holding you back.
  • You are ready to prioritise YOU so that you can thrive and serve others from a full cup. 
  • You are ready to truly create a life of your dreams, and you know it's possible once you are operating from your zone of genius.  
  • You are ready to celebrate life as you move beyond not feeling good enough, to knowing what you have to offer is worth your weight in gold, and more! 
  • You know in your heart you're destined to and more than capable of making an impact and leaving the world a better place.
  • You are ready to hold the space for deeper healing for yourself and others.
  • You are ready for the next level expansion, confidence and personal power. 
  • You are ready to love yourself completely, to bring to the surface that which you previously hid so that you can shine a light on it and embrace your imperfections for what they are, the beautiful recipe that makes up who you are.
  • You are ready to become the whole, fully embodied version of the feminine who radiates beauty, love and joy to all around her.
  • You are ready to join me on this beautiful journey, to listen to the subtle whispers that you have previously ignored and become the TRUE you.
  • You are ready to expand in all areas of your life because love, money and business are all interconnected!

My Story, From "Stripper to Spiritual Guide"

From a topless bikini waitress seeking love and validation from others, to supporting women on their self-healing journey through the power of self-love and finding your purpose and living it. If I can make the leap, so can you.

I used to use my good looks and charm to get what I wanted in life. It was my safety zone. I grew up with a single mum and two sisters, and whilst she did an amazing job, money was always a huge struggle. I hated not having the seemingly ‘perfect’ lives full of material abundance that others had, and I really felt like I’d missed out on not having a Dad around for that masculine support. Because of this, I didn’t feel good enough, and this remains to be the story of my life and my biggest hurdle that I continue to jump over. 

There had always been this sense of lack in my life, even when everything looked ‘perfect’ from the outside. I had been needy and desperate in search of love, but all I needed to do was give myself the love I desired, and stop giving my power away in order to do so.

My heart just needed to feel all of the emotions I had blocked. I’ve been on a journey of learning to stand on my own two feet, allowing the emotions to come, and giving myself permission to feel everything that needs to be felt.

So at the age of 19 I had saved enough money and flew to Australia where I began to create the abundant life of ‘my dreams’ (or so I thought!) in Australia as a topless waitress. I felt powerful and my ego loved it. I made more in one weekend than I had made in an entire life back home in the UK.

There was this little girl inside of me crying out to be seen, loved and heard.

I thought that if I was bigger, better, and more successful then I would feel good enough. I thought it would mean that I’d be able to receive love from others, but I later realised that even deeper down I was really seeking my fathers love who “abandoned” me when I needed him the most. I guess that's internally what it felt like, but I know in my heart now he set me free and I am forever grateful.

Over the years that followed, instead of saving or investing my waitressing money, I paid for my family to visit me in Australia. I paid to fly my sister over and live with me and we went on loads of trips together, it was incredible. I wanted to give them everything that we didn’t have growing up that others did.

Whilst I was bringing in large amounts of money, I had no clue what to do with it or how to feel worthy to receive and hold abundance. I would spend it very quickly by flying all over the world travelling to lots of beautiful countries. I was living what felt like a ridiculously abundant life, and I loved it. I didn’t think it would ever stop.

But of course it had to come to an end because I knew that I wasn’t living up to my true potential. My highest alignment. It was time for life to shake things up and awaken me. 

I was living from my ego and my wounded feminine. I needed to learn how to love myself and show up for myself fully without needing a partner or anyone else to save me. It was time to save myself. 

I boarded a plane to travel around the world with my ex-partner at the time, but after 5 short months my visa for Australia got declined and I wasn’t able to enter the country for 5 whole years. We gave long distance a try between where I was in Bali and where he lived in Perth, but after a year I knew that I needed to be set free, so I called things off. And that is where my healing journey began. 

When I invested in my meditation teacher training level 1 & 2, everything shifted in a huge way. The ripple effect of the subconscious change I was making slowly started to integrate into my consciousness. I was healing my “not enough” wound. I started to feel worthy. And this was just the beginning. 

There is so much I’m going to share with you about my healing journey within the program. In fact, I’m going to teach you everything I know! My business, new found freedom, love, peace, joy, pleasure and abundance was all birthed from my healing journey. And so, so much more.

Everything I’ve learned, experienced and now embody has become who I am. The years of healing I’ve done is now being packaged up in this program to support you, my love. It’s become intertwined with how I teach. How I support women like you. I can’t wait to share it all and support you to feel like the whole, worthy, loved and powerful woman that you are.

Take the LEAP!

What to expect from Lead From The Heart?

I’ll be taking you through the five pillars that will awaken your highest potential and allow you to lead from the heart. 






The program takes you through my proven step-by-step methodology that allows you to rewire your “not good enough” and other lack beliefs so you can confidently share your gifts and create true transformation in your life. This will allow for a deeper impact with the clients you work with. This will support you to manifest your dream life. This will enable you to support, impact and transform the lives of others. 

Trust me when I say that I KNOW that starting your own business can kick up a LOT of wounds to be looked at and healed. This is the journey I’ve been on and the journey I’m here to support you with from this point onwards.

You’ll go from someone who lacks confidence and self-worth, to someone who feels deeply confident in everything they have to offer the world, and feels worthy of all of their deepest desires. 

Heal your “not good enough” wound so that you can create a business and life of your dreams!

Remove the obstacles from your mind that are holding you back. 

Transmute your fear of failure and judgement into brave action.

Feel it to heal it. You’ll be safely and lovingly held and supported through this alchemy.

Step into the highest version of yourself and call in wild abundance.

You were born to be a leader. A change maker. You know that you’re here on earth in this lifetime for a big mission to help others. No more playing small, it’s time to reclaim your power and make an impact.

Get ready to start the most beautiful death and rebirthing process

Are you ready to let your ego die in order to transform into the person you know that you have the potential to be?

Your invitation starts here.

Something I believe is missing in the coaching industry and what this program will provide, is a space for you to heal, integrate and share the vulnerable parts of you that make you human. By the end of the 4 months you’ll know exactly why your dream clients will want to go on a journey of transformation with YOU. You’ll gain so much clarity, confidence and personal power to be able to communicate who you are, how you help people and the mission you have for the world.

In order to provide deep transformation for others, it’s time for you to get raw, naked, and vulnerable too. In front of others, to be held, witnessed in a loving, open environment. It’s the medicine you have yet to experience. The potency that will be felt inside this container will be something incredibly special.

Over the last 4 years I have lovingly crafted this program, just for you!

I’ve guided over 100+ private clients through fear into love. From feeling stuck, to taking the massive leap of faith into the unknown. From lack of purpose to feeling a deep sense of knowing what they’re here do in this lifetime. 

It brings me so much joy to see one of my clients recently quit her corporate job after 10 years of feeling stuck. We worked together for a year and in that year she built up the courage to leave her job to begin her coaching as a shamanic healer and cacao facilitator. She’s moved into her dream house and is in a loving relationship. This is what’s possible when you follow your heart and say FUCK YOU FEAR!

Another one of my clients, Nicole, was living in Sweden and working in a high paying corporate job. After working together she decided to make the leap to relocate her family to Spain and start her Yoga and wellness business. She said goodbye to the illusion of safety, woke up to what was possible, and has been going all in on her dream ever since.

Another one of my beautiful clients worked with me through Covid. Nikki was working for a coffee company in Chicago and after going on a self-love and spiritual journey she decided that was no longer her calling. She quit her job, took a year long sabbatical to find what truly lights her up, and is now transitioning into coaching and creating a wellness platform. She moved house with her partner and is watching her vision come to life.

Those are just three examples of incredible women I have got to witness and celebrate transforming their lives through doing this deep work.

Throughout this program I will show you what's possible when you follow your intuition and heart. When you no longer let fear hold you back.

12 weeks of life-changing work that will change the trajectory of your business success. You CAN have it all.

Unlock your confidence and power.

Set your old self free and step into the new. It’s time to make an impact. 

Let's connect

Think of Lead From The Heart as if you’re going back to school. School for the soul. School for the heart.

It’s a heart-opening training to become the leader of your life, so that you can confidently lead others through the inner work you have done for yourself.

In 4-months you’ll develop the skills, confidence, and practices that you can take to all areas of your business and life, and that of your client’s, too.

I’ll be equipping you for all of life's curve balls. I’ll be teaching you the most in-depth healing practices, teaching methodologies that I’ve learned over the last 5 years of living in Bali working with some of the most profound spiritual teachers and coaches there are.

The program is integrating Body, Mind & Spirit.

First, we begin with Ayurveda.

Clearing out the toxins and blocks that prevent you from feeling energized, alive, and fully connected to yourself.

Secondly, we focus on healing the mind.

The limited beliefs, stories that run on auto pilot and self-sabotage patterns that show up time and time again.

Thirdly, once these are in balance, Spirit comes into play.

You’ll be able to cultivate Shakti, the kundalini energy that lives within us, but is often dormant. And cultivate a deeper relationship with Spirit than perhaps ever before.

MODULE 1: Self-awareness | August | Sept

  • Awareness is the key to change. The first, most crucial step of the journey. 
  • Together, we’ll cement your vision for your future, and then you’ll BEcome it.
  • You’ll learn how to use your breath to its fullest potential in order to heal your nervous system. This body-based work enables you to feel safe in your body, grounded, present and at peace.
  • As your nervous system heals, the parts of you that have been a barrier to your next level can finally soften and surrender, and you can begin to expand. 
  • You’ll begin to understand your patterns that have been self-sabotaging your success.
  • Energy needs to flow in order to grow. You’ll discover where your body blocks are and release them for good. The body remembers and holds on to old programming and emotions, so we need to start here to somatically release the old and make space for the new.
  • You’ll come away from this month with boundless energy, smooth digestion, strong immunity and so much more joy - ready to digest life! 
  • Through the Ayurvedic cleanse process you’ll let go what’s no longer is serving you; physically, mentally and emotionally. I’ll guide you through a powerful process that will create the space, energy, and love for greater connection to Self. A greater connection to your power, and crystal clear clarity on your purpose. You’ll then be able to support your clients to do the same, like a beautiful ripple effect. 
  • Embrace an Ayurvedic lifestyle
  • Learn how to breathe properly to build a strong immune system that prevents disease.
  • Learn how to effectively cleanse the body 
  • Step away with a strong digestive system 
  • Increase your energy levels 
  • Learn and incorporate daily self-care practices
  • Balance your hormones naturally (with Guest speaker Pauline)

MODULE 2: Self-healing | September | October

  • After applying regular pranayama meditation practices you’ll learn how to create inner peace and experience a baseline sense of equanimity. 
  • You’ll learn how to create daily spiritual practices that support your individual day to day needs. This level of awareness and connection to Self is what creates a balanced nervous system, resilient immune system, and a deep trust in your body's innate healing intelligence. There will be a profound healing that takes place between the mind and the heart that will allow you to come back to your inner wisdom.
  • You’ll learn to elicit and process emotions properly - this is one of the most powerful tools you’ll learn throughout the whole programme. You’ll practice teaching this on one another and then go on to share the magical process with your clients.  
  • This strong foundation ripples out into everything you do; your sleep improves, your mind is sharp, you feel greater physical and mental resilience, and you will become fully rejuvenated in all areas of your mind, body and spirit. You’ll then go off and continue to practice on your own, and the results will speak for themselves.
  • You’ll learn how to lean into expansion rather than retraction. You’ll learn how to receive rather than repel. 
  • You’ll learn how to balance effort and surrender so that you no longer need to over-give and burn out.
  • You’ll learn how to set yourself up for success through learning how to master self-care.
  • Learn how to create a short and sweet daily meditation practice that allows you to show up from your higher self.
  • Learn the Art of chanting mantra to heal your mind and create an avenue of channeling your expression.

MODULE 3: Self-Empowerment| October | November

  • Staying in balance as a coach or healer isn’t easy, and yet it’s imperative in order to stay regulated and connected. The key to holding space for others is learning to hold space for yourself. 
  • When you FEEL good, you DO good. Feeling good results in positivity for your overall health, energy, digestion and hormones.
  • In this module you’ll return to balance. You’ll allow your mind to rest. You’ll learn how to keep filling your cup until it overflows. 
  • From this place of new found joy you’ll desire to share your brilliance with the world. As you accept, know, and love yourself more fully. As you allow yourself to live from the heart. As you step into your power, peace and purpose. 
  • You’ll start to practice-coach with each other in groups so that you have the know-how and confidence to hold this same space with your very own clients. 
  • You’ll start to create your heart-felt business program offering that you’ll soon launch into the world. 
  • You’ll gain confidence to express yourself on video and boldly share your offerings. 
  • You’ll discover your Dharma code which is your unique blueprint for living a beautiful life.
  • You’ll learn how to balance your feminine and masculine energy in work, life, and relationships.
  • You’ll learn my signature process that helps you overcome any limiting beliefs.
  • You’ll learn earn how to deepen your capacity for receiving through self-pleasure, intimacy and confidence with your body (with Guest Speaker Silja)
  • You’ll learn how to live in alignment with your Human Design. How to speak your truth, voice your boundaries and desires, and cultivate unshakable confidence through understanding your unique HD chart. (with Guest Speaker Lea.)
  • You’ll learn how to sell from the heart through embodying your offer and become a magnet for receiving business success and wealth.

Module 4: Self-Leadership | November | December

  • Sessions go from weekly to fortnightly as you continue to practice teaching with the other ladies in the group to build confidence in yourselves.
  • You’ll have more time to start your market research, connect with ideal clients, build relationships, share your magic and start to share your up-coming offerings.
  • You’ll create, plan and execute your launch and share your offering with the world in alignment with the magical fresh new year. “New year, new you” and a brand new life!
  • You’ll continue to integrate and embody the teaching principles into your daily life so that you lead by example from the heart.

Wholeness Package

€3,500 EUR

  • 12-weeks live online group coaching program every week one 90-minute / two hour group session each week, at a time most convenient for everyone participating in the group.
  • Total 24 hours of live online zoom group coaching

Intimate Package

€4,500 EUR

  • 12-weeks live online group coaching program one 90-minute/ two hour group session each week, at a time most convenient for everyone participating in the group.
  • 1 90-minute one to one session with Bryre
  • Total 24 hours of live online zoom group coaching
  • Unlimited What-app support throughout the 12-weeks

Once you submit an application, we’ll review, and if you’re a good fit, invite you to a call to discuss the program more and answer any questions you may have.

Lead From The Heart Logistics

  • Start date: Saturday 3rd of September (Exact Times will be confirmed once we know the best time that will suit everyone.)
  • Weekly 90-120min group sessions online via zoom.
  • Access to “Head to Heart” Kajabi platform where all worksheets, self-care practices, Ayurvedic cleanse and daily meditation videos are held.
  • Guest Speakers during the programme (dates do be announced)
  • The intimate packages offer 1-1 private support which can be booked directly with Bryre during the program online or in person.


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