For conscious coaches who desire to confidently share their gifts, and create a deeper impact.


August 6th & 7th 2022, 3:00pm Bali time


This is an intimate two day event, an intensive workshop for coaches, who are committed to feel and heal the parts that don’t feel good enough.

It’s time to truly become the most confident, powerful, and heart-lead version of your self.

Expect deep healing, energetics work, cultivating confidence, support with overcoming the one mindset block preventing your next level of growth, abundance and success.

It’s time to truly own and embody your unique super powers.

It’s time to become the most confident, powerful and heart-led version of yourself.

It’s time to love yourself and feel more than good enough so that you and your business can thrive. 

You know, in order to powerfully lead authentically, there has to be an energetic shift that allows you to show up clear, confident and connected to yourself and the clients you're serving. 

Leading from the heart feels like saying YES to feeling more authentic. The more in alignment you are for receiving more, as you're willing to expand the edges of your comfort zone, you know you are required to lead by example.



Does this sound familiar?

  • Fear of failure and judgement are holding you back from giving it your all. 
  • You’re massively ambitious and feel frustrated that things feel “sticky” right now. 
  • You compare yourself to others and feel “less than”. 
  • You know that you have greatness to offer the world, but you get bogged down with not feeling “good enough”. 
  • You know that subconscious beliefs are keeping you stuck and in lack. 
  • You see other coaches/teachers/space holders seemingly “killing it” online but somewhere buried deep down you don’t think that their level of “success” is possible for you. 
  • You feel alone in your business like it’s you vs. the world and wish that wasn’t the case.

Who is it for?

  • The coach/teacher/space holder who’s ready for deep transformation within her mind, body and soul, AND without - having a positive impact on her business and whole entire life. 
  • The woman who’s ready to claim her unique gifts so that she can be loud and proud about them and attract her dream clients with ease. 
  • The business owner who’s so ready to quit playing small and step into bigness.
  • The entrepreneur who’s desiring to sink deeper into her heart-led approach and learn how to truly lead from the heart with integrity. 
  • The woman who knows that she’s here to make a big impact on the world through the work that she does, and be paid well for doing so. 
  • The business owner who’s ready to step into her Higher Self and make waves in her world. 
  • The entrepreneur who’s on her spiritual path of awakening and ready to go another level deeper.

Go from...

...not feeling “good enough”
to feeling worthy of all of your dreams.

...not feeling as good as “them”
to feeling like the most qualified person in the world to support YOUR dream clients with their challenges. 

...a default lack mindset
to an abundance mindset on autopilot.

...lacking confidence
to feeling like the powerful queen that you are.

...negative self-talk
to loving up on yourself with beautiful affirmations.

...feeling frustrated and unsuccessful
to feeling in flow and ready to receive success.

...fear of failure and judgment
to being comfortable with being outside of your comfort zone.

...marinating in low frequency
to luxuriating in high vibes.

...a chrysalis
into a beautiful, blossoming butterfly.

What you will receive

when you join this two day event

Live Coaching

Live coaching from Bryre on your one mindset block that prevents you from feeling confident in delivering your work.

Powerful Methodology

A powerful methodology to FEEL and elicit emotions blocking you from your true power.

Tools for Teaching

Be given the tools, meditations & worksheets to teach this exact methodology to your clients inside your own coaching containers.


Requirements to join us


  • You have to be willing and open to be coached 
  • You have to be a new coach, healer, yoga teacher who wants to up-level their coaching and space holding skills. 
  • You're ready to be more confident in delivering true deep transformation. 
  • You're committed to doing the healing work on yourself first.

How will you feel after the workshop?

  • Leave confident in your own unique coaching abilities. 
  • You will experience an Authentic transformation that provides deep powerful change. 
  • Feel inspired to help more people, and knowing you are good enough to guide others deeper than before.
  • Feel and Heal suppressed emotions, allowing you to feel more free, and empowered.


The Early Bird investment for the two day training immersion is ​​€111.00 for the first 5 sign ups. 

The full Investment after August 1st for the two day training immersion is ​​€222.00.


Limited to 10 spots.

Created by Bryre Roots

From a topless bikini waitress seeking love and validation from others, to supporting women on their self-healing journey through the power of self-love and finding your purpose and living it. If I can make the leap, so can you.




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