My Story

From Bikini topless waitress in Australia to Spiritual seeker in Bali…..

From a topless bikini waitress seeking love and validation from others, to supporting women on their self-healing journey through the power of self-love and finding your purpose and living it. If I can make the leap, so can you.

I used to use my good looks and charm to get what I wanted in life. It was my safety zone. I grew up with a single mum and two sisters, and whilst she did an amazing job, money was always a huge struggle. I hated not having the seemingly ‘perfect’ lives full of material abundance that others had, and I really felt like I’d missed out on not having a Dad around for that masculine support. Because of this, I didn’t feel good enough, and this remains to be the story of my life and my biggest hurdle that I continue to jump over.

There has always been this sense of lack in my life, even when everything looked ‘perfect’ from the outside. I had been needy and desperate in search of love, but all I needed to do was give myself the love I desired, and stop giving my power away in order to do so.

My heart just needed to feel all of the emotions I had blocked. I’ve been on a journey of learning to stand on my own two feet, allowing the emotions to come, and giving myself permission to feel everything that needs to be felt.

So at the age of 19 I had saved enough money and flew to Australia where I began to create the abundant life of ‘my dreams’ (or so I thought!) in Australia as a topless waitress. I felt powerful and my ego loved it. I made more in one weekend than I had made in an entire life back home in the UK.

There was this little girl inside of me crying out to be seen, loved and heard. I thought that if I was bigger, better, and more successful then I would feel good enough. I thought it would mean that I’d be able to receive love from others, but I later realized that even deeper down I was really seeking my fathers love who “abandoned” me when I needed him the most. I guess that's internally what it felt like, but I know in my heart now he set me free and I am forever grateful.

Over the years that followed, instead of saving or investing my waitressing money, I paid for my family to visit me in Australia. I paid to fly my sister over and live with me and we went on loads of trips together, it was incredible. I wanted to give them everything that we didn’t have growing up that others did.

Whilst I was bringing in large amounts of money, I had no clue what to do with it or how to feel worthy to receive and hold abundance. I would spend it very quickly by flying all over the world traveling to lots of beautiful countries. I was living what felt like a ridiculously abundant life, and I loved it. I didn’t think it would ever stop.

But of course it had to come to an end because I knew that I wasn’t living up to my true potential. My highest alignment. It was time for life to shake things up and awaken me.

I was living from my ego and my wounded feminine. I needed to learn how to love myself and show up for myself fully without needing a partner or anyone else to save me. It was time to save myself.

I boarded a plane to travel around the world with my ex-partner at the time, but after 5 short months my visa for Australia got declined and I wasn’t able to enter the country for 5 whole years. We gave a long distance tri between where I was in Bali and where he lived in Perth, but after a year I knew that I needed to be set free, so I called things off. And that is where my healing journey began.

When I invested in my meditation teacher training level 1 & 2, everything shifted in a huge way. The ripple effect of the subconscious change I was making slowly started to integrate into my consciousness. I was healing my “not enough” wound. I started to feel worthy. And this was just the beginning.

There is so much I’m going to share with you about my healing journey within the program. In fact, I’m going to teach you everything I know! My business, new found freedom, love, peace, joy, pleasure and abundance was all birthed from my healing journey. And so, so much more. Everything I’ve learned, experienced and now embody has become who I am. The years of healing I’ve done is now being packaged up in this program to support you, my love. It’s become intertwined with how I teach. How I support women like you. I can’t wait to share it all and support you to feel like the whole, worthy, loved and powerful woman that you are.

If I can go from toplesss / bikini waitress into leading a heart-led successful business, doing what I love and receiving financial autonomy so can you! We are no different, I believe in you.



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