€250,00 EUR

Yoga Therapy Healing Session with Bryre Roots

In this session I will use a combination of Yoga therapy tools and psychosomatic release techniques to guide you to release any blocked emotion causing feelings of heaviness, lethargy, contraction, anxiety, overwhelm or stress.

After the session you will experience more  ease, freedom and lightness after the session. 

We focus on creating a safe space for you to feel safe to let go, release any strong emotion.

This process will support you in creating a peaceful, and stable mental foundation so you can focus on moving forward with ease and you start to reconnect back to feelings of connection, joy, love and gratitude. 

After the session you will be given a personal breathing and meditation practice as well as any other holistic lifestyle practices to support your integration process. 

Usually the session can go from anywhere from 90-minutes to two hours.