What My Clients Say

Enter The Heart Space

Detoxing my body and returning to my natural constitution has greatly impacted my life.

I have changed my relationship to food, understanding it's a medicine to help us balance the mind, body, spirit.

Thank you Bryre for the ongoing support and the love and dedication you put in to your work.



I had the pleasure to work with Bryre for a few weeks. She guided me through my first cleanse and I immediately felt the rise in my energy levels, I felt a massive improvement in my digestion and I learned many many tools and tips that I will keep applying in my everyday life.

I would recommend working with Bryre, she is the sweetest and she made me accountable 24/7.

Thanks to Bryre I now have the fundamental knowledge of Ayurveda and I see a lot of value in the work she does and how this can really improve everyone's wellbeing.

I will surely work again with her. Thank you Bryre! ♥️.


Yoga Instructor

It was so awesome to work with Bryre for six weeks, I saw some incredible changes in my mind and body.

I have cleared my eczema, the main reason I went to Bryre was to get clearer skin whilst learning the benefits of Ayurveda applying all the tools to create space in my mind.

She has been so vulnerable, and fully transparent about her own personal life experiences, that has inspired me to keep going on this healing journey. Keep sharing your knowledge girl!

Thank you Bryre for your incredible work.


Youth Worker

Working with Bryre has been amazing. I've learned a lot about Ayurveda, over the last few weeks.

I came to Bryre for some more grounding practices, and to have her guidance through healing my gut and skin issues.

She has given me so much advice and taught me Ayurvedic tools to integrate in my lifestyle, she is so helpful and has a lot of knowledge.

I am feeling so much better after all her guidance, I feel more grounded after the yoga classes, less bloated, more energised and my skin looks so much better.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Bryre, you're a gem!


Daycare owner and nurse

After six weeks together, I feel very empowered and in alignment.

I use to feel disconnected from myself I had a lot of health issues.

The cleanse cleared my skin, improved my digestion & energy levels.

I now realise the value of investing in yourself.


Working with Bryre was the best decision. So grateful for her expert guidance.



Enter The Heart Space

I came to Bryre to learn about my dosha, so I could feel in balance, detox my body, and regulate my cycle (after having PCOS for a couple of years). She gave me a lot of advice about how to come back in balance, with my Dosha and cycle.

My sugar cravings are way less, my morning routine is on point since learning Ayurveda and breathing exercises. I’m so glad that she introduced to do yoni steaming. love it! It really heals your yoni! So important for us women! She also gave me very valuable business advice!

She helped me see clearly with my business goals. She knows it all! Thank you very very much Bryre for sharing your wisdom and knowledge!



After doing the energise program with Bryre, it help me heal my entire digestive system and shifted my perspective on how I view my food and eating habits. Her knowledge and guidance have been beyond outstanding as she went above and beyond to find out the root cause of my issues. My whole digestive system, eating patterns, mental and physical health have dramatically improved. Grateful she helped me through such a personal and emotional challenge that I had suffered with for so many years. I will continue to work with Bryre as she is such a delight to be around and a real inspiration for a balanced, healthy and realistic lifestyle.

Bryre is incredible, professional, passionate, and a gift to absolutely everyone! 



The Ayurvedic Detox & webinar has been such a restart of the body for me. Already during the process, just by eliminating some of the usual products, I started to feel lighter and more energized.

But the effect of the whole detox was even greater feeling less tired and less bloated also. Truly recommended!



Bryre, you are amazing! Because of your Ayurvedic Detoxing Program, I was able to finally get my digestive system working again, and I felt so energetic since completing the 1st detox!

It was a truly life-changing program that I will continue to do what I learned as part of my life.

Before your program, I was feeling tired, bloated after every meal, my tongue was very white, and now that I have learned from your detox program I can keep them all healthy from now on.

Thank you for the yogi burp tip! Now I know when to stop eating, and understand when my stomach is telling me that I am full.



The 6-week Program came at the right time into my life! I was really in the worst condition of my life, I was suffering from fatigue, low energy and bad skin. I went through a lot of emotional stress before - which I knew I had to release.

I have learned how to overcome certain conditions in life, but mostly accepting and loving myself.

I now have a plan for what I want in the future, to be fulfilled and happy. I am super thankful that life brought us together-Without that support, I probably wouldn’t have been able to pass the last weeks as I did.

Thank you Bryre!


Employee at Nike

Enter The Heart Space

After an intense body cleanse & self development work. I gained a new perspective of food, sleep and sex. Ayurveda is now an important guidance for my life.

Thank you so much Bryre, for showing me the world of Ayurveda and the beauty of its techniques.

I really appreciate all the support, love and energy you put into our work.


Business strategist

It was such a pleasure working with Bryre. It’s so refreshing to see someone so passionate about what they do and to learn about this incredible ancient medicine.

I feel a lot clearer-headed and far less anxious and wound up than I was before the cleanse, my skin is looking so clear and it feels good to just press the reset button in my body and start a fresh slate.

Ayurveda is a lifelong practice and I’m so glad I started it with Bryre, I recommend this beautiful soul to anyone who wants to learn about healing with alternative medicine.


Travel agent

You´re looking great what did you do? That was a question I got, a lot after the cleanse from Bryre I feel so great! Her detox program is perfect, especially the fact that Ayurveda is included. In my past, I did some other dies, cleanses, etc but I never felt so good while doing this one. The whole time Bryre asked me how everything is going and I felt really cared for! She is so kind and informative with her advice, excited to continue working together to improve my eating habits after the cleanse. This is the first time in a while, I really felt connected to my body and am in tune with what´s good for me. I´m really grateful for your work Bryre.


Judicial clerk & yoga teacher

I have always wanted to try a cleanse, after years of digestive issues, skin irritation and mood fluctuations. I noticed the improvement in my digestion within days my skin was glowing, as well my food allergies symptoms went. I recommend her cleanse & program for anyone wanting to make a positive change in their life.


Yoga teacher

Enter The Heart Space

Thank you Bryre for your guidance and knowledge in improving my overall health and well-being. Before I came to you I had trouble maintaining focus, my skin was very inflamed along with my gut after a month of mindful eating and exercise my skin is now radiating, my digestion is at ease and I have so much more energy and motivation throughout the day. I´m so happy! So thank you for bringing the light back into my life.


Air stewardess

Bryre helped me understand that what I was eating was affecting my mood and mental clarity. Working with her brought me back into balance and into feeling like my best-self. She is a very patient and supportive coach, who´s uniquely tailored recommendations are designed to see you succeed.


Operations manager

Thank you for your amazing insights and support. In only a short amount of time you have helped me grow mentally and spiritually, as-well-as helped me to become aware of my digestive issues and improved them immensely through Ayurvedic lifestyle choices.


Real estate agent