Head to your Heart. 

Come home to yourself.



Grow an unshakable core of calm, confidence and joy.


My Intimate 12 week one to one coaching Program Head to Heart is for women who wish to grow an unshakable core of calm, confidence and joy. This is for women in the 9-5 hustle who desire to feel more connected to themselves, and others. This program allows you to courageously step into your power, to understand and share your gifts with the world.

The longest journey you go on in life is moving from your head to your heart.

If you're not living up to your potential, purpose, you'll often feel a sense of confusion, hopelessness, a big empty hole which will eventually spreads into other areas of life, regardless of your success, or material wealth.

When you lack purpose you seek pleasure.

You desire a fulfilling life, you know you have more to give.

When you ask yourself, who am I? 
It is not the job title,  the lifestyle, or the followers.

You are a powerful being with inherent goodness.There is no one you need to be but yourself.

There is no one you need to prove yourself to, nothing is required of you to be enough.

It is my duty to help you remember. 

“When you focus on the good the good gets better”

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Remember Who You Are Fully and Wholeheartedly


This 12-week wholesome experience this is an opportunity for women who are ready to leave behind the old program, the one that's kept you from living a more authentic life, it's time to create a new one.

This holistic healing journey is a mix of yogic Therapy tools, inner child healing, Somatics, and powerful NLP coaching to heal the trauma, and blocks that are preventing you from fully living. I provide a safe loving and healing environment for you to do the work you have been avoiding and truly transform your life from the inside out.

This holistic program gives you the tools to radically free your mind of the limiting beliefs, stories that have shaped you, and are preventing you moving forward with clarity, ease, as you apply self-care, spiritual practices, self-inquiry allowing you to feel confident in your own body again, feel connected spiritually and find the work / life balance to pursue living life to the fullest whilst bringing others up to there's.

“Establish yourself in being, then take action”
- The Vedas

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Bringing Your Light to Life


If you want to understand who you are, and why you are here, and how to share your authentic gifts with the world then this program will guide you to just that. 

This program has been created from over four years of personal study,  dedicated to sadhana (daily spiritual practice), being a lifetime student and absorbing the wisdom from many profound teachers, an honest humbleness and a willingness to do the everyday work, to sit in silence and find the answers. 

It has been a quest to discover my own true self, and through that remembrance, I share the teachings that allow me to tap into my own inner guidance to navigate the challenges that prevent you from seeing your own light. 

Bring your light to life and start your journey with my guidance.

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Grow an Unshakable Core of Calm Confidence and Joy.


I will guide you with these 4 pillars to SELF...

Purify to process

A huge part of Ayurvedic healing is detoxifying the body. Through this first week, you're guided to detox the body, releasing toxins, allowing you to feel clear in the mind, enhancing your energy, overall boosting your immune system, which is preventing disease and increasing your longevity. Ayurveda is a science of self-healing through preventing chronic illness.

Rejuvenate to Remember

Through regular pranayama, and meditation practices, you will find inner peace, you feel light, connected, your sleep improves, your mind is sharp, you feel greater resilience, and you eventually will become rejuvenated by these practices. All you have to do is continue to practice and let them speak for themselves.

Develop Self-empowerment

Through self-care and spiritual practices, you are able to choose the correct practice for your individual day to day needs. This level of awareness and connection to self is what creates a balanced nervous system, impeccable immune system, and a deep trust in your body's innate intelligence.

Embody Self-Love

When you feel good you do good, as a result, yes your digestion will improve hugely from this program, your mind will find rest when you prioritize these pillars into your daily routine, you're filling your cup until its overflowing, from this place of abundance you can give and share your brilliance with the world, as you now accept, know and love yourself more fully.

Head To Heart

The 12-Week Investment €5000

This program is for you if you want to grow an unshakable core of calm, confidence and joy.


What you receive when you invest: 

  • 12-weeks (12 hours) of one to one coaching | 90 Minutes Each week
  • 3-months Free Access to the Heart-Space membership community.  
  • Unlimited access to the Head to Heart program 
  • Access to a pre-corded mini Ayurveda Course.
  • 2 hours Balance your Hormones Masterclass with Guest Speaker.
  • Learn how to breathe, and have a consistent meditation practice that will impact your long-term health and transform your life.
  • Learn how to effectively cleanse your body from toxins.
  • Exclusive support and access to Byres personal whatsapp during the program.

Head to Heart

An 12-week Intimate Healing Coaching container for the Women who is courageously ready to grow an unshakable core of calm, confidence and joy.

Through the practice of meditation we will ignite your gifts and share them with the world.

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