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Digesting your life is fundamental for you to transform an ordinary life into an extraordinary one. 


Supporting you and others to go on your self-healing and spiritual quest, to remember your authentic expression, to overcome any physical or mental limitations that are sabotaging your journey of deeper fulfilment, purpose, connection and freedom. 


Peace and purpose naturally flow through you, when you learn to follow your joy.


The absolute joy I recieve every day is sharing these teachings with you, and seeing the inner and outer evolution you receive from the transmission.  


The ancient wisdom of Yoga, Ayurveda and Tantra, continue to guide us back to the source of our joy, our self-empowerment, self-healing, creativity, creating stability and greater confidence within. 


It is a daily commitment to show up and practice, but it is when you learn how to use your spiritual practice to ignite the flame of doubt that it will burn away any fear or stagnation that is preventing you from moving forward.

  • A two hour workshop focusing on balancing your hormones naturally.

    2 hr

    80 euros
  • Increase your energy levels, improve your digestion and skin issues.

    1 hr 30 min

    180 euros
  • 8 weeks of private Ayurvedic holistic health coaching.

    8 hr

    1,800 euros
  • This is a spring cleanse focusing on: Improving digestion and energy!

    Offered Daily

    1 hr

    49 euros
  • A Beautiful group of open-minded women connecting and sharing wisdom.

    Thu, Sun

    1 hr

    18 euros