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My journey in to Ayurveda and self healing has inspired me to keep sharing the wisdom with you, as a Ayurvedic lifestyle practitioner.

I guide female leaders to optimize their energy, digestion so they feel balanced, alive and energised through teaching self-care practices that will nourish and sustain throughout their growth.

As an Ayurvedic Lifestyle coach, focusing on womens health and spiritual growth, I teach the importance of understanding the mind-body connection as a key aspect to my holistic approach to health and well-being.


My expertise is in weaving ancient Ayurvedic and Yogic science with modern techniques to create self-care practices that nourish women from the inside out.

My roots are from England originally and I have been fortunate enough to spend the last eight years travelling the world, living in different countries, now living in Bali as my home base.

Check out my podcast called The Dharma Journey, where I interview inspiring guest to share their journey into finding their purpose.

I host weekly Women circles online, where a small group of women connects from all over the world providing an intimate space for authentic connection and community.

  • A Cleansing program, focusing on establishing self-care routines.

    4 hr

    499 euros
  • Increase your energy levels, improve your digestion and skin issues.

    1 hr

    150 euros
  • 8 weeks of private Ayurvedic holistic health coaching.

    8 hr

    1,800 euros
  • This is a spring cleanse focusing on: Improving digestion and energy!

    Offered Daily

    1 hr

    49 euros
  • A Beautiful group of open-minded women connecting and sharing wisdom.

    Thu, Sun

    1 hr

    18 euros

"The most effective time to act is when you first hear the call to do so.

This is when the force of nature are most powerfully aligned to help you achieve your aim"

Rod Stryker


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My digestion wasn't good, I got bloated a lot before we worked together. After I applied her recommendations, my digestion improved within a  few days! 

A few simple tricks and my digestion is regular and I do not feel bloated like previously. 


Before the consultation, my business and life were not fully in alignment,. I love the holistic approach Bryre teaches, we spoke about how to come back into alignment in all areas, which had a ripple effect on my life and my own client, she gave me the push I needed to fully change my business and life. She empowered me discover my soul's purpose. 


Thank you again for the life-changing experience. 

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Reiki healer

Bryre is an absolute gift. She is raw, honest, kind and knowledgeable.


I felt comfortable working with her from the first moment I met her. While working with her she expressed compassion while also holding me accountable.


The passion Bryre has for her work is undeniable and it inspired me to work through everything, even when I wanted to give up.


I’ve never felt better after completing these couple of weeks doing a liver cleanses and yoni steams.


I will continue to implement everything I’ve learned as I now have a much better understanding of my mind & body. I also know now how to come in to balance holistically.



Yoga studio owner

We worked together over 6 weeks. I definitely feel more aligned and experience fewer digestion symptoms. I felt like an onion and you helped me to start peel off, layer by layer of limiting beliefs, blockages, congestion of old emotions and now I have built the connection to my body. 



The program has left me empowered to have more curiosity and inspiration to dig deeper and see what's unfolding without all this shit :D. I absolutely love and appreciate you as a human being and coach!


Every session you surprised me with new insights!



Ayurvedic chef

I am deeply grateful for doing an 8-week program with Bryre, it has utterly transformed my life.


At the time I reached out to Bryre, I was suffering from intense digestion issues, I felt so disconnected, anxious and uncertain.


It’s a blessing to meet a coach who is so dedicated, caring, supportive and loving to her clients as Bryre.

If you feel the urge to go on a self-healing journey and get rid of old limiting beliefs, health issues and get to know yourself on a deeper level. I highly recommend, you work with this wonderful soul.