One way to LOVE your self is to KNOW yourself.

Learn how to nourish and sustain yourself throughout your growth.

The Art of Self Loving is a 6-week long program, created for an intimate group of female leaders who want to optimize their energy levels.

I am offering an intimate space for you to learn and practise holistic self-care routines that will nourish and sustain you throughout your growth whilst maximising your energy and overall well-being.

The Art of Self-Loving training is for women who feel disconnected from their bodies, and are not sure how to live and find balance. This program encourages you to love, care for and express yourself fully as you start to prioritize your internal state of harmony.

Over the 6 weeks together, you will feel confident in applying these simple and effective tools into your life. Establishing a true foundation of radiant health, deep stability and security within.




Physically - We will create specific self-care practices, use the power of cleanses, to detoxify, nourish and bring clarity to the mind and energise your body.


Mentally - We will practice the effective ancient yogic methodology of pranayama (breathing) and meditation, Tantric Hatha Yoga is a science of energy management. Embodying a regular practice will create an internally calm,  externally vibrant version of you.


A community of like-minded women, who will spark curiosity, connection and collaboration.


Building emotional and mental resilience. 


Emotionally - We will use proven methods to uncover any blind spots, and limiting beliefs. Skillfully using the power of intention, to build motivation and create emotional resilience, progressing you towards your desired outcome.


Spiritually - We implement the ancient teachings of The Purusharthas, they are the blueprint for human fulfilment, working with them helps you create a satisfyingly balanced, meaningful life at the deepest and most holistic level.


Embodied Self-confidence, Self-trust and deep Self-love.

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Want to optimise and sustain your energy, whilst nourishing your growth? 

This group training program provides guidance that will inspire you to find the courage to align and live more fully.

Imagine being able to tune in and trust you have the knowledge to adapt to the subtle signs your body is giving you.

Many women experience depletion, burnout, fatigue, not being aware of these signs in their subtle forms, will result in forever-ending hardship, headaches, period problems, exhaustion, anxiety, overwhelm, fatigue, digestion issues, the list goes on.


We haven't been taught how to prioritize our needs, let alone self-care.


Over 6-weeks after integrating Ayurvedic principles, cleanses, self-care practices into your life, you will be able to adjust and tune in any given moment, and adjust accordingly. 

This knowledge of yourself, of what your body is needing right now, in this very moment, and honouring this, will nurture your well-being holistically. 

This inner confidence will give you permission to feel your physical, and emotional needs, and trust you to know how to navigate your body's warning signals


I hope you will join me on this journey to self-love.

The Art of Self- Love - Women Empowerment Training



If you're experiencing fatigue, digestion issues, skin, stress-related health issues that are impacting your emotional, mental and physical well-being, this is where together over six weeks, you will learn how to cultivate greater self-awareness. 

You will no longer suffer in silence before you feel called to take action, and know that changes are necessary, if you wish to feel emotionally stable, physically empowered and confident in your self-healing abilities.

I wish to help you build inner and outer resilience.

When life happens, we know we are equipped to deal with it. 

I invite women who are deeply committed to developing greater self-awareness, self-love, self-trust and connection with themselves. This training is a safe container to help you learn tailored-made solutions that will increase your energy, improve your digestion and overall enhance your quality of life. 


My joy is to teach and help women to prioritise self-care, self-love and healing practices, that will not only prevent dis-ease but allow them to return to balance and re-connect to their feminine essence. 


I designed this program to work holistically for you to experience optimum health benefits. Working with a small dynamic group of women is a profound and magical experience that develops a sense of reassurance in that we are not the only ones experiencing these challenges. This program builds a community and real sisterhood that will support you on your self-love and growth journey. 


When we prioritise filling our cup first, we can begin to give wholeheartedly to others without resentment. Ayurveda states that women's health should be number one on the list, because how can we be nurturing and giving if we keep depleting ourselves. 

Join me and a beautiful sisterhood on our first training that will help you to discover the innate power that emanates from the inside-out, when you learn how to love your self wholeheartedly.

DATE: March 13th - April 17th  2021.

AVAILABILITY: *limited spaces/intimate group of women. 

Full investment €777

Lifetime access to all course materials.  

Weekly break down of the course:

Week 1

open your heart

We begin the six weeks with a Cacao ceremony, to set our intentions and connect with one another. First module focuses on the self-love code & integration of Ayurvedic medicine throughout the program.

Week 2 

tune in with your body. 

Second module focuses on the hormonal cycle workshop with Pauline Gossens, hormone cycle awareness educator.  You will learn about your hormonal fluctuations and be given the Ayurvedic resources to promote fertility and prevent PMS from occurring.

Week 3 


In this module, we focus on gratitude and positive psychological process, with a focus on self-care, cleansing your body of toxins and self-pleasure practices.

Week 4

discover your mind

This module focuses on limiting beliefs and what is holding you back. We will look into rewiring your subconscious and integrating EFT tapping techniques.


shift the darkness 

We focus on understanding our shadow self, Jord Cuiper, Self-Actualization Specialist will talk about our shadow self. We will learn to integrate this into our personality and bring the darkness to the light.


accept self-love

Finally we will create a Sankalpa,  a 6-12 months heart-based goal in alignment with your purpose. We will explore yogic based science to help plant the seed of intention so that it comes into fruition.

Frequently asked questions

Who is The Art of Self-love journey for?

Female Entrepreneurial Women Women who feel disconnected and want to re-connect. Women who struggle with self-care, over-thinking & are lacking in energy levels and struggling overall with health. Women who want to tap into their feminine essence Women who want to know how to integrate self-care and avoid burning out Women who feel drawn to Ayurveda & Yoga to balance their mind-body connection. Females who want to grow and expand their mind, network and confidence. Women who desire true authentic heartfelt connection. Women who want to embody self-love, and feel inspired to empower others. Women who are ambitious, dedicated and are ready to excel in their personal and professional lives.

What's included in the Art of Self-love Journey?

Opening Cacao ceremony 90 minutes each week of group coaching via zoom, 12 hours in total. Two Guided Ayurvedic cleanses for digestion and one for the liver. Shadow training by guest With Jord Cuiper helps us integrate parts of ourselves that we deem unlovable Balance your Hormones workshop with Paulie Goosen - Hormonal cycle awareness educator Hormonal workbook - Detailed description of your hormonal fluctuations, and how to balance them through correct diet, exercises, understanding your hormonal mind as well as how to reduce PMS symptoms By Paulie Goosen n- Hormonal cycle awareness educator - PDF EFT Tapping exercises, recorded video and live demonstration Self-love work booklet with self-reflection tools and practices by Bryre Roots Ayurvedic self-care & Self-pleasure practices 6 different styles of Tantric hatha Yoga practices Eight Guided meditations Four Guided Yoga Nidras - For rejuvenation and relaxation, planting the seed of intention. (Sankalpa - resolution) Guided self-love hypnosis by Stephanie Sargent trained Hypnotherapist. A Facebook support group where I will come on Live for 30 minutes during the middle each week and answer any additional questions.

When does the live coaching happen?

The LIVE group coaching will be on the weekend, 13th March on Saturday for the first call, then after will be every Sunday for five weeks until to 18th April. It will start at 4:00pm -5:30pm Bali time (GMT+T) Europe is 7 or 8 hours behind Bali, please check your time zone.

How does the program actually work?

Each week we will connect as a group live for 90 minutes via zoom, where I will teach you the content and help you integrate any practices, cleanses, or self-reflection work you will need to complete during the week before the next live call. I will also go live every wednesday on the FB group to answer any questions you may have during the week.

If I miss the live, can I still attend?

Yes, all lives will be recorded so you can watch them in your own time however, for most benefit we recommend you attending as many as the live calls as possible.

Do you offer a payment plan?

The Art of Self-love Journey offers payment plans if anyone needs one, please send an email to Bryre@bryreroots.com if you need a payment plan.

Do I get access to the content after the program has finished?

This is the first group launch of The Art of self-love program, so as a gift, we give new members lifetime access to the content as well as any new material that will be updated.

Do you offer refunds if I can no longer attend the program?

This program is non-refundable, however, you can move your date to the next available group training if you wish to start at a later date, or you can use the money towards The Self-love Journey which is 8-weeks of private Coaching with Bryre Roots.


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