Learn how to nourish and sustain yourself throughout your growth.

“Once the moon has been made steady, the sun can be made to rise”

Everyone has a desire to experience greater depths of fulfilment.


When you learn how to effectively empower your mind, this has a ripple effect on your body, you begin to access radiant health, which kick starts the momentum in your life to take inspired action, this then increases you to tap into your creativity, which is how we unlock our and fulfil our potential and serve our individual purpose in the conscious evolution of life. 

To create external harmony it all starts from within.

We can all do this through a precise and time tested methodology.

The key to fulfilling our potential is mastering our minds.

The moon is your mind, and the sun is your potential.

Have you mastered your mind?



Physically - We will create specific self-care practices, use the power of cleanses, to detoxify, nourish and bring clarity to the mind and energise your body.


Mentally - We will practice the effective ancient yogic methodology of pranayama (breathing) and meditation, Tantric Hatha Yoga is a science of energy management. Embodying a regular practice will create an internally calm,  externally vibrant version of you.


A community of like-minded women, who will spark curiosity, connection and collaboration.


Building emotional and mental resilience. 


Emotionally - We will use proven methods to uncover any blind spots, and limiting beliefs. Skillfully using the power of intention, to build motivation and create emotional resilience, progressing you towards your desired outcome.


Spiritually - We implement the ancient teachings of The Purusharthas, they are the blueprint for human fulfilment, working with them helps you create a satisfyingly balanced, meaningful life at the deepest and most holistic level.


Embodied Self-confidence, Self-trust and deep Self-love.

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Ayurveda, Yoga and Tantra are sciences that when weaved together create true inner fulfilment, through feeling balanced in the body, having a clear mind, we can pursue and experience the fullest expression of our innate intelligence and unlock our potential, which is what we are here to do,

“Ayurveda states, that we get sick due to a failure of our wisdom”

The majority of my clients, come to me as they experience an internal conflict, combined with physical health issues, as they know they are not living up to their potential, as a result, they can not digest life, this shows up as gut issues, making them feel low in energy, creating a huge disconnect to their feminine energy, leading to further imbalance experiencing depletion, burnout, fatigue, not being aware of these signs in their subtle forms, will result in forever-ending hardship, headaches, period problems, exhaustion, anxiety, overwhelm, fatigue, digestion issues, the list goes on. 


​Can you imagine being able to tune in and trust you have the knowledge to adapt to the subtle signs your body is giving you?

​We haven't been taught how to prioritize our needs, let alone self-care. 

Everyone I work with has this deep desire to live up to their highest potential, to create a life fuelled by purpose, but they haven’t received enough guidance, support to move them beyond their current mental and physical limitations.

With my support and guidance, I will walk you through applying the three systems of my program to empower you to digest your life and turn it into wisdom.

Yoga - The system and methodology to brighten the light of self-knowledge. Allowing you to calm the fluctuations of the mind, a precise methodology for awakening your dormant potential this can only happen when you feel and have a clear and stable connection to yourself.

Tantra - The science of energy management that allows us to accelerate beyond limitations and touch the aspect of ourselves that is one with the Divine. It teaches us to weave our spiritual life with our everyday life and gives us potent practices to cultivate this power within.

Ayurveda - The science of life, through proper diet, lifestyle choices, optimal digestion and sleep, these principles allow us to establish and maintain complete balance and wellbeing of the physiological and psychological.

Through this proven framework that I have guided many women through, you will cultivate the innate healing resilience, radiant internal and external health, that will catapult you away from feelings of lack and of not feeling good enough, to greater levels of wholeness as you confidently step into your authentic power and create your life with purpose. 


Holistic healing program


Over 8-weeks of integrating holistic Ayurvedic principles, and cleanses, Yoga, breathing and meditation, self-care practices will effortless become a part of your everyday life, you will be able to tune in at, any given moment, and adjust accordingly. 

​This knowledge about yourself, and what your body is needing right now, in this very moment, and honouring this, will nurture you as well allowing you to be of service to your bigger purpose. 

This inner confidence will give you permission to feel your physical, and emotional needs, and trust you to know how to navigate your body's warning signals. If you're experiencing fatigue, digestion issues, skin, stress-related health issues that are impacting your emotional, mental and physical well-being, this is where together over eight weeks, you will learn how to cultivate greater self-awareness to that promote longevity and rejuvenation. 

You will no longer suffer in silence before you feel called to take action, and know that changes are necessary, if you wish to feel emotionally stable, physically empowered and confident in your self-healing abilities.

I will guide you to build inner and outer resilience.

So when life happens, we know it will, we feel equipped to deal with it, without it throwing us off centre.

My 8-week holistic program allows you to develop the sensitivity, clarity and intuition to trust yourself, overtime that embodied experience and wisdom, creates a foundation of true peace of mind, stability and security from within. My one-to-one program provides guidance that will inspire you to find the courage to align and live more fully. 


Mentorship is about developing and sustaining a deep, trustworthy connection so you feel supported in your transformation.

The hardest thing to do is change, yet there is nothing more painful than staying the same."

- Rod Stryker


I take on two new clients every month. 

Full investment €1800

Lifetime access to all materials.  

A break down of the program:

Week 1

open your heart

We begin the six weeks with a Cacao ceremony, to set our intentions and connect with one another. First module focuses on the self-love code & integration of Ayurvedic medicine throughout the program.

Week 2 

tune in with your body. 

Second module focuses on the hormonal cycle workshop with Pauline Gossens, hormone cycle awareness educator.  You will learn about your hormonal fluctuations and be given the Ayurvedic resources to promote fertility and prevent PMS from occurring.

Week 3 


In this module, we focus on gratitude and positive psychological process, with a focus on self-care, cleansing your body of toxins and self-pleasure practices.

Week 4

discover your mind

This module focuses on limiting beliefs and what is holding you back. We will look into rewiring your subconscious and integrating EFT tapping techniques.


shift the darkness 

We focus on understanding our shadow self, Jord Cuiper, Self-Actualization Specialist will talk about our shadow self. We will learn to integrate this into our personality and bring the darkness to the light.


accept self-love

Finally we will create a Sankalpa,  a 6-12 months heart-based goal in alignment with your purpose. We will explore yogic based science to help plant the seed of intention so that it comes into fruition.

Pillar 1

tune in with your body.

The first pillar incorporates physical therapy such as Traditional Tantric Hatha yoga practices to bring us into the body, which aids in better digestion, elimination and that will increase your energy and immune system function. 

Pillar 2


The Second Pillar we practice implementing breathing (Pranayama) & meditation practices to regulate your nervous system, which over time helps us build clarity, intuition & focus, overall enhances your emotional resilience and creates stability within. 

Pillar 3


In the Third pillar, we integrate Ayurvedic self-care practices, you will learn how to optimize your internal state through cleansing the liver and gallbladder to remove toxicity out of the deep tissues which cause digestive issues, reproductive issues, and chronic health issues then ultimately lead to disease. 

Pillar 4

discover your potential

The Fourth pillar is integrating Swadaya - self-study) through integrating, shadow work combined with positive psychology techniques we understand limiting beliefs causing self-sabotage, as we implement new behaviour change this will lead you to greater self-awareness, confidence and your desired physical & mental outcome.


shift darkness to light 

We will focus on integrating all of the practices from the 8-weeks so you feel confident applying everything you have learn so it feels embodied and you lead from a place of authenticity.


TRANSFORM, embody, THRIVE & serve.

Finally we will create a Sankalpa,  a 6-12 months heart-based goal in alignment with your purpose. We will explore yogic based science to help plant the seed of intention so that it comes into fruition.