“Learn the fundamental self-care tools that will guide you to inner peace, stability as you learn how to create external harmony from within. 

As a guide in the wellness space, my intention is for you to reach your highest potential, through providing a space for you to learn, integrate and embody self-care practices that will allow you to nurture yourself throughout your day, week, month, for your whole life. 


This is a holistic lifestyle program that will help you cultivate greater stability, ease and peace within. As your digestion improves, so will your energy, sleep, mood and overall ability to bounce back to your healthiest vibrant version. 


The more in tune we are with our bodies signals, the easier it becomes to tell the signs of imbalance before they develop into long term health issues. 

What I have learnt since working with 100 + entrepreneurial women in the past few years, is the importance of prioritizing self-care. 


When we do not prioritize this level of attention in our internal health, the signs of imbalance get louder as our external world eventually suffers, through burn-out, depletion, exhaustion, feeling overwhelmed and not sure what direction or guidance to take. 


This is what I will guide you over 8-weeks of working together you will have the knowledge and tools necessary to meet the demands of life, knowing exactly how to nourish yourself and your individual needs so you feel prepared to prevent and heal any acute health issues that arise naturally from time to time. 


With my support and guidance, I will walk you through applying the three systems of my program to empower you to digest your life experiences and turn them into wisdom.

Yoga / Meditation  - The system that allows you to calm the fluctuations of the mind, a precise methodology for awakening your dormant potential that can only happen when you feel and have a clear and stable connection to yourself.

Tantra - The science of energy management that allows us to accelerate beyond limitations. It teaches us to weave our spiritual life with our everyday life and gives us potent practices to cultivate this power within.

Ayurveda - The science of life, through proper diet, cleansing, and lifestyle choices, optimal digestion and sleep, these principles allow us to establish and maintain complete balance and wellbeing of the physiological and psychological.

Through this proven framework that I use to guide over 150+ women through workshops, online group training's as well one on one coaching, all with very unique and individual needs, using my resources to facilitate a tailored experience that can achieve your desired outcome. 


As you move towards greater mental and emotional resilience, your conscious efforts to feel good, become more effortless. 


As conscious choices become a natural part of your everyday living, you will be drawn to practices, food, people that feel nourishing instead of depleting. What we used to find comfort in no longer interests us, as we uplevel all aspects of our life, the distractions and comforts of our old self, begin to fall away, as we move towards a life with a greater sense of fulfilment and purpose, fueled by conscious lifestyle choices, that feel so in alignment to carry on sustaining even after the 8-weeks have finished. 


You will see your ability to become more stable and re-connect to yourself. As radiant internal and external health, doesn't always come naturally to us, we have to maintain it with daily practices that you will learn over 8-weeks of integrating holistic Ayurvedic principles, and cleanses, Yoga, breathing and meditation, self-care practices will effortless become a part of your everyday life, you will be able to tune in at, any given moment, and adjust accordingly.  


This program is to catapult you into your fullest expression, a confident and empowered state, moving further away from feelings of lack and of not feeling good enough that has been the cause of many women self-sabotage behaviours. To now today, expand into greater levels of wholeness as you confidently step into your authentic power and create a life with purpose. 


You will learn many different types of practices that you can easily integrate to manage and deal with stress with more capacity to stay in alignment as your internal state can remain balanced even when externally life around can change, and it will as that is life!


With my support and guidance, my intention is you will know exactly how to cope with adversity and change, as you navigate and deal with stress with more ease, you will build deeper emotional resilience, you will develop the precise awareness necessary that will allow you to show up with more self-love, and compassion as you move through life in a whole and authentic way. 


Through holistic Ayurvedic medicine, and with my expert guidance on the mind-body connection, I give you the resources and support that you need to help you discover the beliefs, habits and unhelpful coping mechanisms that have led you to this point of di-satisfaction.

I feel so blessed to guide women who are at this point, that understand it is time to prioritize their physical, emotional, mental, well-being. 

To create external harmony it all starts from within.

My 8-week holistic program allows you to develop the sensitivity, clarity and intuition to trust yourself, over time that embodied experience and wisdom, create's a foundation of true peace of mind, stability and security from within. My one-to-one program provides guidance that will inspire you to find the courage to align and live more fully.

Mentorship is about developing and sustaining a deep, trustworthy connection so you feel supported in your transformation.

The hardest thing to do is change, yet there is nothing more painful than staying the same."

- Rod Stryker









Your Investment: €1800