A Guide to Connection, Abundance, Purpose, Freedom 


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BRYRE ROOTS - Using a holistic approach to self-heal, a part of my commitment is to bring feminine form medicine to those who are eager to absorb these ancient self-healing and self-empowerment tools and techniques. Giving you the power to jump back to a state of health, love, joy, gratitude and inspiration at any given moment. 


One of my reasons for dedicating my life to sharing these profound teachings, is from being on my healing journey, really healing for me has been undoing the layers that once served me to survive, but I was operating from a place of lack, lack of self-love, self-worth, to trying my best every day to keep moving towards a place of wholeness, inner peace, abundance and a deep trust that life is always supporting me on my path. 

This led me to discover Ayurveda or shall I say remember it,  I had this deep desire to grow beyond my current limitations, so I could become whom I am meant to be, and fulfil a place in the world only I could fill. 


Ayurveda has taught me many things but mainly to trust that  I can always attune to my needs, feel balanced and know what it feels like to thrive not just survive. 


When I am in alignment physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, I am always guided towards higher vibration choices that attract higher vibrational experiences. 

I am someone who shares from my own personal experiences, I allow the wisdom of Ayurveda to flow through my work and help you discover your potential.  

These tools that I practice each day, so I can embody them and teach authentically, as I know they continue to help me remove the layers of stagnation, fear, lack, ego, toxins, and addictions, that over time when accumulated, cause dis-ease and stop us shining our light. 


The Vedic tradition is the oldest healthcare and spiritual science still around, it shares that we all have this creative dormant potential inside of us, and unlocking it enables us to meet all of our desires and remember our purpose, which is key to experience long-lasting fulfilment and happiness. 

These teachings show us how all of these desires can be met if we meet ourselves first. Everyone has the capacity experience health, abundance, joy, love, safety, intimacy, spiritual fulfilment and freedom, the important thing is this: To be able at any given moment, to sacrifice what we are for what we could become

If this resonates and you hear the call for radical transformation to become whom you are meant to become.

I would love to support and guide you on your journey into liberation.